We focus on the needs of learners with additional needs. These learners may be “lost to learning”, at significant risk of exclusion, or be out of school with a placement hard to establish.  This may include, but is not limited to, children and young people who have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and children and young people who are undergoing assessment for an EHCP. 

In addition, the learner may have a range of associated difficulties such as:

  • Autism (rather than ASD or Asperger Syndrome)
  • Social, Emotional or Mental Health difficulties
  • Specific Learning Difficulties such as dyslexia
  • Moderate Learning Difficulties

It is the R.E.A.L. Independent Schools aim to enable learners to be educated within their community.  This includes engagement with partner services, to provide a coherent approach to meeting their needs. The focus is on re-integration into school to enable these learners to re-engage with all aspects of life in their community.

R.E.A.L. Independent Schools are a creative development of strategically placed school venues, and learning hubs linked to a range of other small community venues. These provide opportunities for supporting a dynamic approach to re-engagement through a curriculum model that focuses on re-establishing social opportunities for learners and their families/carers.

Our admissions criteria and procedures are designed to ensure that we do not discriminate on grounds of ability, gender, ethnicity, race or religion. A copy of our policy is located in the policies section of our website.


Parent/Carer enquiries

Parents or carers are welcome to enquire about provision at R.E.A.L. Independent Schools at any time during the academic year by emailing enquiries@real-education.org.  Please note that there may be a delay in response during the school holidays.

Before any visit to a R.E.A.L. Independent School is arranged, parents/carers will be asked to share a copy of the learners EHCP or other appropriate documentation (school advice, EP report, etc.) in order to assess potential for suitability and the appropriateness of a school visit.


Referrals & Admissions

What happens when R.E.A.L Independent Schools receive a referral for a school place from City/County Councils (C/C’s)?

All referrals to R.E.A.L Independent are managed by the Head of Referrals & Commissioning in consultation with the Head of Schools.

Enquiries and consultations should be sent to referrals@real-education.org

Stage 1: Initial consultation

(Following consultation from C/C’s)

The Referrals team will review any consultation received from C/C’s- normally consisting of an anonymised EHCP for a learner.

If the team believes R.E.A.L. Independent Schools have the potential to offer a school placement then an ‘in principle’ decision is shared with them.

If the team does not believe R.E.A.L. Independent Schools is suitable then a clear rationale of why is shared with them.

Stage 1 is completed within the timescales set by the C/C’s.

Stage 2: Initial Informal Assessment/Gathering of further information.

(After the C/C’s has confirmed they are interested in pursuing our ‘in principle’ offer)

An initial informal assessment will take place for each learner and their family. The family will be contacted in the first instance and a home visit will be arranged to meet the learner and their family to gather more information and discuss what our schools can offer. Sometimes, we might request further paperwork or information from the C/C’s and may also want to visit the existing provision/school at this stage. We may also offer the learner a taster session at one of our sites/hubs. 

After the visits have taken place, we will confirm with the C/C’s and parent/carer that our offer of a school placement is still available or if we believe that we are unable to meet the learners needs.

If we are unable to meet the learners needs and we are not the right placement for them, then our offer will be withdrawn.  

Stage 2 to be completed within 10 school days of contact from the C/C’s unless discussed otherwise.

Stage 3: Preparation for placement

(Following successful visits and confirmation of placement from C/C’s)

The  process below can be slightly different depending on the actions of individual C/C’s.

A bespoke transition package will be arranged in agreement with parents/carers and will begin as soon as appropriate. Start dates will vary depending on individual cases, term times and our current capacity.