English and Science classes bonded together this month for an explosive theatrical experiment.

Learners from Key Stage 3 English and Key Stage 4 Science enjoyed an immersive learning experience about pyrotechnics and special effects in theatre and stage.

Maria Poyser, Site Lead Teacher, used indoor fountain fireworks as part of the session: “All the special effects were a miniature version of the larger effects that can be used on stage. I used these fireworks to demonstrate a smaller version of the large sparkle fountains used at the front of the stage for performances.”

Learners also used indoor sparklers that they could hold, a miniature bubble machine and connectable luminous bands to make large windmills and put them on clothing.

The Science lead also explained the chemical reactions taking place from the fireworks, bubbles and the luminescent liquids used to create the glow in the dark sticks.

Maria said: “The learners loved having this hands-on experience, everyone had great fun! Both classes benefited as the Science class could learn about chemistry and English could explore the different special effects and how they add to the audience’s experience.”